Serie Opera II – OTHELLO


The staging of this version of Othello is built like a living painting, between orientalism and african aesthetics. 

“Othello” is the second episode of the trilogy. Always for one performer and one musician, here only the performer is visible, the musician playing live is hidden behind curtains. The evolution of the piece is happening on a very tiny stage. As if Othello is from the beginning locked in jail: locked by his mood and emotions. Like a living painting and with the help of a slow progressive video projection, Othello is going through all the feelings written by Shakespeare. The great love to Desdemona, doubts and pain, distress, murder and suicide. The musical composition is half electronic and acoustic and is constructed to increase what Othello feels with a very noisy and hectic climax starting from the manipulation by Iago and ending by the murder. Then, the suicide is symbolized here by the change of the color of the skin.


All pictures © Alexandre Morel


concept, composition and direction: Christian Garcia-Gaucher

with: Eduard Mont de Palol, Christian Garcia-Gaucher.

dramaturgy: Sébastien Grosset.

set design and lightsSven Kreter

costumes: Marion Montel

sound: Jérémie Conne

production: Anne-Laure Sahy, Cristina Martinoli – rue 917, Annabel Glauser

Serie Opera – OTHELLO is a production of the BOOOM CIE, in co-production with Théâtre Arsenic in Lausanne.

This project was supported by City of Lausanne, Loterie Romande, Pro Helvetia, Artephila, SIS


22 march 2014  | Lausanne (CH) |  Théâtre de l’arsenic