Serie Opera III – SALOME


“Serie Opera III -Salomé” has been selected by the jury of Music Theater Now amongst 450 other productions from 55 countries. The jury was composed by Brett Bailey-artist south africa, Guy Coolen-Muziektheater Transparant Rotterdam, Sara Joan Fang-Theatres on the Bay, Singapore, Ana Lara-Mexican composer, Joseph V. Melillo, BAM’s artistic direction, NY.

With the singer Evelinn Trouble in the lead role, this version of the Opera “Salomé” from Richard Strauss focuses on the madness of the character and takes place in an old german cabaret.

In this Remake of Salomé, her story is told in a temporal flashback. We see her appearing on stage at the end of the tragedy, after everything’s already happened: the repugnance from Salomé to the king Hérode, the meeting and the duo with Iokanaan (John the Baptist), the dance of the seven veils, the murder of the prophet and the love from Salomé to the severed head of Iokanaan. Musically, a transition from a contemporary Sprechgesang (spoken singing)  to opera singing is made, whilst the madness of Salomé increases. After this long prologue, we find ourselvers in a cosy german cabaret atmosphere, and Salomé reappears, fresh and smiling, singing “Lunacy” accompanied by a live pianist, lamenting her love for Iokanaan.

“Salomé” is the third and last episode of the trilogy.



All pictures © Alexandre Morel




concept, composition and direction: Christian Gérôme-Gaucher, Evelinn Trouble

with: Evelinn Trouble, Christian Gérôme-Gaucher. (on tour with Ana Naqe)

dramaturgy/text: Evelinn Trouble, Sébastien Grosset.

set design and lightsSven Kreter

costumes: Marion Montel

sound: Raphael Raccuia

production: Anne-Laure Sahy, Cristina Martinoli – rue 917, Annabel Glauser

Serie Opera – SALOME is a production of the BOOOM CIE, in co-production with Théâtre Arsenic in Lausanne.

This project was supported by City of Lausanne, Loterie Romande, Pro Helvetia, Artephila, SIS



21-22 march 2015  | Lausanne (CH) |  Théâtre de l’Arsenic

13 june 2014  | Lausanne (CH) |  Théâtre de l’Arsenic

25th-26th may 2016  | Rotterdam (NL) | OperaDagen,

29th-30th june 2016 | Fribourg (CH) | Belluard festival,