Dehors, c’est mieux | 2013
A closed hearing experiment, and a story about how it is to be locked in during a war time.

Portrait 1 | 2012
An experimental film made by a single  and very slow travelling back, based on the idea of how music can influence the images and conversely .

Krautrock legend at HBC | 2011
Special event at the HBC Berlin, a musical meeting between three legends of krautrock: Michael Rother (Neu, Harmonia), Dieter Moebius (Kluster, Cluster, Harmonia) and Damo Suzuki (Can).

La caverne | 2009
A charming woman invites a young man at home. Their fresh relationship is a little awkward and touching. Then the woman prepares a dish and takes it downstairs, to the cellar. She opens the door onto her locked up daughter.

Disparu | 2008
An afternoon in Africa. Journey from a boy escaping his parents who are arguing everyday. He follows the sound of the sea trying not to lose himself.