Ouverture dans la nuit


Eine Waldsinfonie by Christian Garcia-Gaucher and Mercimax

The composition “Ouverture dans la nuit – Eine Waldsinfonie”, turns nature into a theater and the forest into a concert hall. “Ouverture dans la nuit” is a play of the senses that creates unusual encounters between musicians, spectators and nature.

Production: Lucerne Theater 2019
Koproduktion mit Lucerne Summer Festival
Gefördert durch die Arthur Waser Stiftung und die Ernst Göhner Stiftung


“The composer Christian Garcia-Gaucher wrote a piece for the orchestra for this production of” Ouverture dans la nuit “. It seems like an imitation of nature whose tones are shy at first, then gain more and more momentum. The musicians are distributed throughout the clearing and produce an unexpectedly full, great sound, from which one can be lulled under the starry sky”

    “In this clearing there is really a ravishing concert!”
Deutschlandfunk Kultur

   “Pure magic was the moment when the train approached the clearing where the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra played the Forest Symphony by Christian Garcia-Gaucher. The musicians were scattered around a large circle, the console lights reinforced the impression of a gentle oasis of light.”
Luzerner Zeitung


Komposition: Christian Garcia-Gaucher
Inszenierung: Karin Arnold, Jessica Huber
Musikalische Leitung: Alexander Sinan Binder
Dramaturgie: Julia Jordà Stoppelhaar, Gábor Thury
Besetzung: André Willmund Lukas Kubik
Luzerner Sinfonieorchester